Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Regent St 今晚亮起了圣诞灯.很前卫的灯.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the Nokia Flagship Store at 240 Regent Street, Nokia is sponsoring this year’s Regent Street Christmas lights. The unique illuminations, titled UNITY, have been designed to connect shoppers at the start of this year’s festive season. Built to respond to the movement of people in the street, for the first time people in the street will work together to turn on the world-renowned Regent Street Christmas lights.

The Crown Estate is investing £500 million in Regent Street to create an exciting and contemporary shopping environment. This year’s lights, sponsored by Nokia, will echo the modernity and variety of Regent Street, whilst also enhancing its hallmarks: quality, heritage, style and success. Everyone will have a part to play in this year’s Christmas lights event. Shoppers are encouraged to meet festive entertainers either at the north or south end of Regent Street and walk together to turn the lights on. Fourteen stunning 3D light clusters will be illuminated as people pass under them, culminating in a beautiful light display. On the run up to Christmas the Regent Street Christmas lights will change their festive formation, responding, via motion cameras, to the density of pedestrians in the street, as well as environmental factors including wind speed, weather and sunlight levels.

Each of the fourteen light clusters is made up of a large central opaque sphere, surrounded by 24 smaller spheres. Each contains a low energy LED core and will operate like a series of pixels with the ability to be individually programmed. They are 100% recyclable and the LEDs use a fifth of the energy required by traditional light bulbs, thereby reducing the energy consumption over the seven-week period from 4,657 kilowatt hours (KwH ) to approximately 465 KwH – a saving of about 4,190 KwH.

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